The Queen Orchid

Written by: Sheila Carroll.

My orchid is a queen from the heavens.

Mom gave me the orchid 18 years ago, in 1998. It was one of my Grandfathers orchids.

He had hundreds of them in a greenhouse behind his home about 40 years ago.

When my mom first gave me the plant, it had no leaves and the two stalks were brown and lifeless.

Then as I watered it over the years, it started turning green with leaves.

As if by a miracle, the plant bloomed flowers, a purplish color, right on the day my Albert passed, around Christmas.

So, now every anniversary of his passing, the orchid blooms.

And every year there are new rhizomes coming in. They have gotten really tall- 3 feet.

She is a queen orchid.

She reigns very tall.

It is lush. it is green when the blooms come out. There are now 7 stems and each stem has 5 or more that blossom.

This orchid is my love coming back to me, to tell me everything will be fine in heaven when I am gone and am with my love Albert in heaven one day.

Thank you Albert for your love and the “Queen Orchid”.