Ode to Stigma Freedom


There once was a girl with curly hair.
And when you looked at her, she could feel your side-ways stare.
But in all truths, all she wanted was to be oblivious and unaware.
Unfortunately, feeling free to be herself was rare.
To other girls herself she would often compare.
And when school kids picked on her for her silence – no one said it wasn’t fair.
Yet in her eyes was a glow to know –
The freedom of spirit and joy from her woe.
So she let her heart sink…
And began to think.
If only into Stigma Freedom she could shrink!
What a glory of glories for all who are Stigma Free, she thought.
And in this moment, she realized all was not lost!
So she picked herself up – and dusted off her smile.
Because she had not had such a good idea in quite a while.
By: Princess Mia-Talia A. Lowe
Ode to Stigma Freedom

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