Importance of Taking Your Medication

I am a minister and a mental health consumer/ advocate. From my experience it is important to take your medicine. It helps with your mental health as well as your emotional and physical health. It can keep you stable and productive. I encourage consumers to not mix medications with alcohol or illegal drugs as this practice will cause you to get sick and wind up in the hospital for mental and physical conditions. I did, at a time in my life, I had mixed drugs with my meds and learned the hard way- I got sick.

With God and my beliefs I got better. Let this be a warning. Don’t do what I did! I want you to have good mental health. Take only medications that are prescribed for you by your doctor. I believe that if you do this, and listen to my advice it can help you.

Always communicate with your doctor openly about your medicine and how you are feeling. They are there to help you mentally and physically.


By: Minister Gerald Israel

Importance of Taking Your Medication

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