Minister Gerald Gerome Israel

My name is Gerald Gerome Israel, I’m an ordained minister and mental health consumer advocate. I’m a NAMIGO member and also a member of the NAMIGO Writers’ Block. Christianity is an important part of my life. I love sharing the Gospel with people. God has blessed my life and is a daily inspiration to me. Read this Bible scripture: Romans 8 chapter and 28-31 verse. I believe it will be an encouragement to you all.

I’ve been involved in the community as a mental health consumer advocate for 26 years. I’m an active board member of Pathways Drop-in Center 1998 to the present. I’ve attended mental health consumer support groups. I’ve represented NAMIGO as a consumer at the State and National level convention. I’ve been a presenter at C.I.T. meetings. I love all those endeavors. I enjoy hobbies such as poetry, sports, comedy, newsletter writing and hope to become a published author soon. My main focus in life is my relationship with God and to impact, encourage, educate and humor people. That is all of my passion in life.

I’ve enjoyed sharing my life with you all. Be encouraged by this affirmation if you don’t give up on life things will get better. But if you give up on life things get worse. My favorite quote to tell people is God is good all the time, a daily blessing in our lives.

By Minister Gerald Gerome Israel


Minister Gerald Gerome Israel

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