Anthony S. Brown


You know we all want that magic drug. The one jagged pill which will make all thing “ok” again. Some people medicate themselves with illegal drugs. Others are a little more discrete by abusing doctor’s prescriptive medication. Many of us are not comfortable within our own skin. If we could just find inner peace, we may become content with reality simply as it stands. However, I tell you the truth, for those within our society whom are trying to function while having some sort of mental illness are really blessed.

There’s a song which lyric reads, “I believe I can fly”. And for manic depression, schizophrenia, bipolar and other mental illness people, these lyrics are literally within their lives. Research claims that the average human uses only 20% of their brain. This fact (rather true or fiction) is extremely emphasized for someone who living with a mental illness. It has become clear that a mentally ill person are trying to live life using as much of their brain as possible. Although they may not literally have wings, the average mentally challenged person is living a life equivalent to being able to fly by simply functioning daily lifestyle on an average human level. It is not as easy for them to balance a check book, prepare their own meals, drive to work, shop for clothes. The person who is slightly mentally challenged is considered highly functional when they do the plain everyday average life. Only the ones who can experience the same level of mental composite that a mental illness person experience truly understand the people who are challenge and who are gifted.

Anthony S. Brown

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